injury tracking

New Requirements for OSHA Illness and Injury Log

Home Health agencies with less than 250 employees are not included on the list of industries/employers that requires submission of the OSHA form.

However, regardless of the industry, for employers with 250 or more employees, Form 300A must be submitted electronically once a year.

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Final Rule to Improve Tracking
Injury Tracking Application
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home care

Medicare Payment Systems Reminder

Medicare patients who elect hospice must meet these requirements:

  • Be eligible for Part A
  • Be certified as terminally ill with medical prognosis of 6 months or less to live if the illness runs its normal course
  • Use a Medicare-approved hospice program
  • Sign a hospice election statement
  • Waive all coverage rights for terminal illness and related
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compliance regulations

Medicare Provider Compliance Tips – Home Health Services

Medicare has updated the improper payment rate and denial reasons for the 2022 reporting period.

For the 2022 reporting period, insufficient documentation accounted for 34.9% of improper payments for home health services, while no documentation (4.0%), medical necessity (42.3%), incorrect coding (3.0%), and “other” errors (15.8%) caused other improper payments. The primary reason for these … Read More >>>